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Five Friday Faves: Pac-Man is so fly.

Five Friday Favorites

We roam the web like it’s our job, and on our travels we see lots of  things. These are the most interesting things we saw on the Internet this week.

Step Up 2: The Streets, Pac-Man.PacMan-SCD

How many times have you been looking for directions and were overcome with the urge to play classic 80s arcade games? Yeah, me neither, but it’s a thing. Whoever had the bright idea to take (virtual) gaming to the (virtual) streets- 4 for you, Glen Coco!  It just goes to show ya, you can take the Pac-Man out of the arcade, but you can’t take the streets out of the Pac-Man … Shut up.


original-24344-1426682519-22Bedgasm (n) – It’s a thing.

At this point I’m 97% sure that Buzzfeed’s goal is to be the most viral anything ever, which they’ll achieve if they keep producing content like this. This list of the “27 Brilliant Words You Didn’t Know You Needed” brings some new blood into your lexicon. Who hasn’t experienced the excruciating pain of great texpectations?  JUST TEXT ME BACK ALREADY. And that Twitter typo? Just some unkeyboardination. Oh, and falling into bed at the end of a long day? It’s real, and it’s a bedgasm. I’m thinking it’s time for a study session.

The secret to better work isn’t coffee. I feel deceived.

Even though pounding coffees fa dayz certainly is one way to get the job done, author, educator and positive psychologist Shawn Achor thinks it’s not the best solution. Some friends of mine would always do their hair and makeup before their softball games. They said the team motto was, “Look good, feel good, play good.” While not being quite grammatically correct, they have a point that Achor can attest to. He argues that when we feel better, feel happier, we do better work. We play better. Is this the secret to better work that we’ve been chasing all along? You can be smarter, more creative, less likely to err, and all it takes is being happier? Sounds good to me… but don’t you dare take away my coffee.



Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.31.27 PMMeet Banjo, the social media software that may actually make selfies useful.

Forget following and scrolling through endless posts, Banjo creator Damian Patton created a way to track social stories by their geographical location. Maps update in real time with photos, text and videos, and many think it’ll change the way we consume and use social media. So go ahead. Post that selfie. It might just be useful someday. Inc. Editor-at-Large Will Bourne said it best:

“Banjo does something no one has managed to do until now, at least not in such an elegant, intuitive fashion: it imposes order on the vast chaotic cloud of social media and unlocks the power in ways we haven’t yet seen.”


Flygirls and flyboys flying fly places.BEY

Maybe I’m just a nerd, but knowing all the airport codes is kind of interesting, and the entire purpose of this website’s existence. Airportcod.es even includes a little fact about how each one got it’s name. I learned that Beirut, Lebanon’s code was BEY, so for all you analytically-minded folks, include “Have airport nicknamed after my nickname” on your KPIs for superstardom.