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Five Friday Faves: Kevin Bacon and Eggs

Five Friday Favorites

We roam the web like it’s our job, and on our travels we see lots of interesting things. These are the best things we saw on the Internet this week.


That’s so Meta with Kevin Bacon.

Being Kevin Bacon isn’t easy. If there is a bacon pun in the world, he’s heard it, and he hates it. Fortunately for all of us, the American Egg Board has finally convinced Kev to capitalize on his family name, which begs the question, If Kevin Bacon makes a Kevin Bacon pun, is it still a Kevin Bacon pun? #humblebrag #meta  Even though the ad is rife with the egg-sellent puns Mr. Bacon seems to hate, he claims to really really really like eggs, so it’s worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.04.28 PMGoogle wants you to know you’re not alone with your awkward search history.

If you ever search things that you assume everyone else already knows and feel like you’re alone on a small isolated island of ignorance, you’re right. But Google Feud wants you to know you’re never truly alone. By selecting a category you will be presented with a question and you can guess the top things people Google search. On that list: “Is it weird to like the taste of blood?” That was third most frequently searched result. And it is weird. Why can’t you just search Parks and Rec gifs like the rest of us?

Mr. T is back and he still pities you.Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.01.51 AM

In the latest installment of “We’re positive this reality show will revive your career,” Mr. T is is tackling DIY and home improvement projects in a show titled – wait for it – “I Pity the Tool”… because OF COURSE it’s called that. Will Mr. T’s show do better than Vanilla Ice’s, Daryl Hannah’s, William Shatner’s, and Rev Run’s? Time will tell. It premieres this year, so tune in fools!

facebook_android_3-786x305Facebook wants to show people it actually has standards.

On Sunday, the networking/stalking-potential-roommates-and-employees site said they would be providing “more detail and clarity on what is and is not allowed” to post. So here’s the current state of social media: How do humans you decide what is and isn’t allowed? Who is deciding what’s ethical and what’s offensive, and how are these decisions being made? Are there criteria? Instagram has come under fire for removing “risque” photos of women, but not men. How will these decisions affect what other social sites are doing? Will these updates actually change what people are sharing? We don’t have the answers either, but believe that you should know what’s going on. If you come to some epiphany, let us know.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.58.58 AMThe Rock wants you to Shake It Off.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you love Taylor Swift. Her songs are so catchy that it’s been proven it’s scientifically impossible not to like them.* The Rock, being the secure and socially savvy man he is, is ready to let you know that he LOVES to shake it off and you can, too. If the show ends up being anything like Jimmy Fallon’s amazing segment on The Tonight Show, we’re sure that Lipsync Battle is going to ~rock~ our world.

*This has not been proven but I’m sure science would confirm should it choose to weigh in.