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Five Friday Faves: Bacon-crusted pizza and the great web free-for-all.

We roam the web like it’s our job, and on our travels we see lots of interesting things. These are the best things we saw on the Internet this week.


Vince Vaughn wants his face on your website.

The stars of the upcoming movie “Unfinished Business” (which looks like a suit-and-tie version of the Hangover) want to emulate all aspects of the corporate world, including bolstering their website with their own super cheesy awkward stock photos (that you can use, too!). You have yet another white male in a suit looking marginally interested in the meeting he’s attending, so some people may still gloss over the fact that it’s Vince Vaughn, but c’mon, it’s not like they got Clooney or anything.


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.50.36 PMForget the world wide free-for-all, there are rules to the web. Like timing. And tact.

Forget paying for Instagram likes and sharing inappropriate photos, tweens, because at the end of the day, those aren’t what will make you Insta-famous. Our neighbors at Buzzplant made this handy-dandy infographic about the best time to post on various social platforms, but take this with a grain of salt. Following this guide won’t get you the numbers you want without quality content specifically targeting your audience to back it up.


DAYUM this guy loves pizza.imgres-1

Let it be known that I officially cast my vote that everyone doing food reviews ever conduct them in this manner. Like Iron Chef judges? Call up The Voice and SANG IT. Chopped? He who hath the best edits shall advance. Bon Appetit? Mais oui. I’m vegan and this man made me want to taste that crispy bacon crust and go ham on the burger that made him famous. Dayum.


If you do it right, friendships are free.

harvard_campus_5This guy crashed elite colleges for years, not earning his degree, and went on to start a successful company. Guillaume Dumas traveled the States (he’s from Quebec), took classes and made the friends and connections he needed to be successful. A lot of things are really about who you know, but Harvard connections and education in some hallowed halls are not automatically better than the people you already see and the things you can teach yourself. Money can’t buy love or success.


Tumblr defends its title as “Best place for Harry Potter jokes on the Internet”.tumblr_lmceazk7Rj1qc9eik

If you haven’t read (aka fallen in love with) the Harry Potter series, here is an emergency maneuver: Clear your schedule for the weekend. Lock yourself in your house with the series. Find sweatpants. Have food delivered. Read. Okay, if it’s Monday and you’ve survived both having your heart broken and overrunneth with joy, you can click the link. This made the rounds mid-week in our office, and we dare you not to laugh out loud.