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Five Friday Faves: One cannot simply tweet.

Five Friday Faves

We roam the web like it’s our job, and on our travels we see lots of interesting things. These are the best things we saw on the Internet this week.


So, Tell Me About Yourself (In 140 Characters or Less.)

Twitter updated, and by the time we’re done here “tweet” won’t even sound like a word anymore. Okay: Twitter’s update allows users to add comments up to 116 characters with their retweets, so the original tweet can be tweeted back with more context as to why you wanted to retweet that tweet in the first place. Still following? When you comment on a tweet with an image (retweeting that image), the original image resizes to a thumbnail, similarly to when you share a link on Facebook. If you want to feature the image in the original tweet, just retweet that tweet without commenting to keep the tweet in tact. Most importantly, when you comment on the tweet the original Tweeter is still notified that you’re stalking their feed, so don’t worry about the new commenting feature removing any of the tagging options. Enjoy! Tweet.


Hefty Gets Turnt With the Stepford Wives

To say that this commercial is on fleek would be to state what’s already totes obvi. Hefty has these ladies breaking all the theatrical walls to recount their weekend, and their tales of turnt-up glory are enough to make anyone with FOMO salty with jealousy. Don’t worry, you’ll be too busy snapping your impressions of these cray mommies to your friends to notice that we’ve all gone back out to party without you. Sorry not sorry. Okay but in all seriousness, Hefty, MAN, genius marketing. For a company that is all about disposable cups and trash bags, they killed it. Other marketing professionals, take note: if you think your “boring” industry has no chance to be creative, maybe you just haven’t explored enough out-of-the-box yet.


Amazon Helps You Fully Commit to Hermitism

Ever wish you had literally no reason to ever leave you house? Amazon can help! With their new programmable, WiFi-enabled Dash Buttons, you can reorder household goods with the push of a (dash) button! Toilet paper, toothpaste, laundry detergent and coffee will all arrive in 2-4 days*. If you’re thinking, “Well, I’ll still have to go to the grocery store,” think again! That’s what AmazonFresh is for! So now’s the time to start living in a bunker like Kimmy Schmidt or start a “Lord of the Rings” movie marathon because you don’t have to go ANYWHERE in the next few years.

*Do you even Prime, bro?


Google is Now a Carrier

Not for disease (unless you count being the megalord of all Internetdom an affliction), but for your phone provider. With the Nexus, which, yes, it appears Google is still trying to launch that into the realm of the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone, you would pay just $10 a month per GB of data, and you only pay for what you actually use… What does that mean? Say Bobby has the basic plan at $20 a month, and 2GB of data at $20 month ($10/GB). He can talk, text tether to WiFi and go to 120+ countries and still have service. He goes to France and finds a new girlfriend, Jacqueline, and they spend all their time talking and texting. He goes over his data by an additional GB, and is charged only $10 more with no extra fees. A few months go by, and Bobby is back in the States. He decides the Beach Boys were right, and that the best girls in the whole wide world are in California, so he says goodbye to Jacqueline and spends a month in mourning, having everything delivered by Amazon so he doesn’t have to leave the house at all. He’s still on the 2GB a month plan, but only uses 1.4GB this month sending sad selfies. He gets $6 back for his unused data. Taking all of this into consideration, how many more 30-day months will Bobby be without a girlfriend? NONE because he gets his data through Google.


Want to be Like a Supermodel? #KodeWithKarlie.

Karlie Kloss, of supermodel and “TaySwizzle’s BFF” fame announced her partnership with the Flatiron School last week. Flatiron specializes in training future web developers and engineers, and Kloss herself took classes there last summer. The immersive development classes are pricey (to the tune of $15,000), so Kloss is offering the #KodeWithKarlie scholarship to help 20 girls afford the tuition and begin their career in development. Having STEM field hobbies (that is, hobbies and interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics) presented to young women from a supemodel/ballerina like Kloss is a great way to encourage girls to pursue passions in traditionally non-female fields. Kloss is someone that could just get by with her looks and talent, but she’s working her platform in a career idealized by many more young women to push girls towards their innovative potential, which we think is pretty cool.


See something that blew your mind that we didn’t? Send your favorite things from the web to us.