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Five Friday Faves: Tiny Houses, Hillary in 2016, and PopTarts à la mode.

We roam the web like it’s our job, and on our travels we see lots of  things. These are the most interesting things we saw on the Internet this week.


Things you didn’t know you needed.

Kickstarter has a lot of great campaigns, and you can get just about anything funded there. Because of allllll of the things to fund, the really really great things can get lost in the shuffle. Like how great? Ummm how about: fancy styluses, Lego Macbook case, tiny cities, switchless lamp, Hillary Clinton action figure great. Get your wallet out, you’ll want to back all of these projects.


Grown-ups need forts, too. Preferably with wine.

If you’re tired of running into college kids and “writers” at coffee shops, the Shedquarters is about to be your new favorite productivity hideaway. These customizable pre-fab work spaces are perfect for escaping the house, or just giving you some extra living space. If you don’t have a backyard, don’t worry. There are even some that go on rooftops. We’re sure you’ll be decorating your new adult-fort in no time.


Not a w’rdsmith? Nay w’rries.

Sometimes we all needeth a dram helpeth with w’rds, and this link dost the gull. But really. This will take ye plain olde ‘Modern English’ words and turn them into Shakespeare. This link also arriveth to you just in time for Shakespeare Day on April 23. You should probably run all your email text through here before you send them on the 23th, just to be safe.


#Emojis4Everybody(using an iPhone)

Apple released their updated iOS 8.3, which includes some keyboard fixes but more importantly NEW EMOJIS. Ever since Apple launched the emoji keyboard back in 2011, they’ve been used to communicate the things that words just can’t. With this update, you can now communicate with much more diversity! You have options for skin color, family composition, and new country flags to choose from. Unfortunately, there is still no taco emoji, so if you didn’t find anything you needed on that Kickstarter link above this is your cause! Be the change, people.


Adults do the darndest things.

An Instagram star known as Chef Jacques LeMerde is taking your favorite childhood (or current? We aren’t judging) foods and plating them up like haute cuisine. It’s a beautiful thing to see the raspberry-frosted PopTart finally given the respect it deserves, and it proves the new American Dream: If you want to do something, just do it, no matter how absurd. Someone will love it and share it and then you’ll be a social media celebrity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on my bourgeoning career as a Fortune Cookie Writer.

*And if you noticed we didn’t post last week, good for you, you astute observer, you! Bonus prize for you: Thiiiiiiiis gif, and this picture. You’ve earned ‘em, champ.