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Are You Using Ad Extensions in Your SEM Campaigns?

by Mandy Lauman

One easy way to differentiate your ad from the competition is to incorporate ad extensions. Ad extensions add additional information about your business to your search engine marketing (SEM) ads. Not only do these extensions help you stand out from the others by giving you more real estate on the search engine results pages, they also provide useful information for users looking to find out more about your business.

Now for the best part of all: ad extensions are completely free!

Another huge benefit to using ad extensions is that when a search engine serves one of your ads, the user is now able see your address and phone number without even clicking through to your site! Remember, with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you’re only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad. While your click-through-rate (CTR) may be affected slightly, this concession is well worth it when looking at your bottom-line.

If you are already using ad extensions or if you plan on using them in the near future, we strongly recommend that you also use a tracking phone number. This will allow you to see what phone calls are coming in as a direct result of your SEM campaign and what phone calls are coming in organically. This metric could be huge when determining the ROI of your SEM campaign!

There are many different ad extensions available. When setting these up, it’s important to consider what action you’d like people on the web to take when they see your ad. Here are a couple of the most important ad extensions:

Location Extensions: This literally puts you on the map. If someone is in the area and needs your services right away, they are going to be looking for the closest location.

Call Extensions: This enables the click-to-call option for mobile users who are on the go.

Keep in mind that your ad extension is not guaranteed to show up every time your ad is shown. Google has certain criteria that must be met for each ad extension type. However, these are completely free, so it’s definitely worth the time to set these up so that they’re available when the search engines decide that your ad makes the cut!

Do you have any stories to share about using ad extensions? We’d love to hear from you!